I feel like this post is about way more than just the food but here we go. A little while ago we decided to meet up with the girls at this new cafe called PAHUPIDI KOHVIK. We hadn’t seen each other in corpore for way too long! Planning the meet-up ahead took a fair amount of time to be honest, but in between St Petersburg and Barcelona we managed to make it happen in a cozy semi-hidden vegan cafe-resto. How nice it was to be reunited again after a long time, it really made my day.
Now about the food… to be honest I feel like this cafe has so much potential! The menu itself was very rich but then again the foods were a bit less than I expected when it came to flavour. Honestly, it was just too plain for me. My plain-flavour food loving friends are probably rolling their eyes reading this. It’s just a matter of taste really, but as my close vegan friend one said, flavourless food is one of the few seriously unacceptable things in life. Then again we both are total chilli-curry-spice fanatics. Oh well, now back to the main subject.
The menu contained really interesting foods; I mean I had no idea you could make bacon out of coconuts. I really feel it has potential to become the next it-place. I had a dish somewhat like shepherd’s pie, I don’t know how else to describe it. The vegan world to where I stumble every once in a while never ceases to surprise me. Meanwhile I took a lot of photos (sidenote – could food paparazzi be a job?) and later decided it was time I learned a thing or two about editing them. Jenny Mustard’s blog came in so handy while doing this. Obviously I feel like such a beginner, but even the smallest details make a big difference, honestly they do. So here are some pics from our lovely meet-up and my editing rookie experiments.


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