Dress, Belt, Ring – LINDEX; Jacket – ZARA; Shoes – H&M;
Bag – DKNY;  Glasses – MANGO; Bracelet, Earrings – Gifts

Cappuccino as a dinner substitute – just one of these thoughts I find myself processing while writing this on a Friday night in one of my favourite cafes here. While splitting my time in between writing motivation letters, night shifts and daily meditation exercises just to keep me on the borders of grounded and sane, I took the ferry from one shore to another and visited Helsinki in a heartbeat. I’m one of those rare Estonians who have only been to Finland once in their lives, maybe fifteen years ago? Seaside cities are always a good idea and this one was no exception. It was sunny all the time and walking around town accessorized with just the right amount of shopping bags and good thoughts after that oldie but a goodie Venti sized cup really made me feel alive.

Before this post gets too caffeinated, I will say that I didn’t plan on shopping, yet out of the blue, some magical new closet staples found their way into my closet. Aside budget and the practical value of the purchase, my only rule always applies – buy it when you’re absolutely head over heels in love with it and only then, no exception! That’s what happened when I saw that dress. I was instantly drawn to its color-blocking like contrast between the red and blue shades, while the suede belt was just the right accessory. These sunglasses have been around a lot here lately, but as the almighty Posh Spice turned fashion empress once said, they do hide a multitude of “sins”.

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