Where Have I Been? #BackOnTrack

It is becoming clearer that there probably will not be a proper routine in my life until Fall at least, which makes me both excited and sigh at the same time. For years, I had heard about people wanting to work in “anything but a 9-to-5”, which I then dreaded it as well. Now, I feel I am at my most productive when there is a little bit of a routine involved: getting up early, a long morning walk to my internship office, coffee in hand, fixed meals – appreciating the little details.
It is always at this time of year, between the end of February and the beginning of March, that I feel how I have increasing levels of energy. Getting up early is obviously easier with natural light. How I love knowing that there is more daylight every single day!

On Blogging and Finding My Own Voice

Finding your own blogging topic – truly one of the founding pillars next to passion, quality content and consistency. I have been blogging ever since I knew it existed, experimenting with different outlets but never really finding my own niche. It takes time, willpower and exploring. Blogging has become so multiverse – the sooner you find your own topic, the better. I have always loved writing just as it is, content creation and fashion. Watching fashion documentaries always gives me thrills down my spine – when I see time-lapses where people work late nights on an haute couture gown or a slow-motion clip of the beginning of the first Dior collection by Raf Simons. OOTDs are somewhat never enough to cover that interest and after months and a million ideas, I finally came up with…

Fashion Films

My blog now has a Fashion Films page! How excited am I to share one of my biggest passions with you. I am  a l w a y s  on the lookout for a new film coming out or browsing countless of episodes and clips throughout YouTube. I hope you have as much fun browsing through them as I have had discovering them and if you have any recommendations, feel free to share them!

Runway Rhymes

As OOTD-blogging had never been enough, I recently launched my own runway-themed Instagram account @runwayrhymes just in time for the beginning of fashion week season! I had always spent time browsing Vogue Runway in particular for my daily runway digest and, again, wanted to share my passion with others, keeping it to myself had never been enough.

Wardrobe Power-Essentials

– Loving that businesswoman look on you, did you borrow your moms’s blazer?
– No, that one’s mine and I first wore it on the day I defended my Bachelor’s thesis.
A good omen, I presume.

Even though this particular picture is from one of my previous OOTD’s, I could never stress the importance of good power-items in my wardrobe enough. There are just those statement-pieces that upgrade any outfit no matter what. I bought this particular madame-general blazer on a crispy October night in 2015, it was love at first sight.

And in other news

An internship, countless morning coffees, progress and future plans, taking it a day at the time.

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