While browsing endless posts on Autumn-Winter 2018/2019 Fashion Weeks from all over the world, I wrote down visions from runway snaps and street photography that most inspired me. Without further ado, let’s begin!



  • career-oriented, but modern and conscious in her wardrobe choices
  • glamorous and polished
  • knows however how to let loose and party…
  • … but even so, she knows that what she “threw on” had actually been thought through
  • Even when her outfits have “just been thrown on”, they consist of fashion vocabulary – chiffon, color-block, double-denim… 


  • Bold, punk and girly at the same time
  • A bright lip color or messy hair featuring bold eyeliner
  • Wears her mum’s floral dress. Sidenote: her mum was three inches shorter than she is
  • Adds either floral-printed or torn tights to the dress
  • Completes the look with patent (faux?) leather pumps or Doc Martens
  • If she’s in her CEO phase, we’re talking Victoria Beckham outfits 


  • Flirty and feline-like
  • Not afraid to laugh the loudest – who cares?!
  • Shamelessly over-the-top when planning glamorous outfits, at least according to non-Milan women, but then again, who cares?!
  • There is no such thing as “overdressed” or “too much glitter”
  • Whether she’s wearing bright blue or brown, she knows she is bellissima 


  • Mature and takes herself seriously, but never too much – wink!
  • Her grandmother has a vintage YSL bag that she had her eyes on as a child…
  • …Now she can afford her own, but she often sticks to a look-alike version – c’est classique, c’est chic!
  • When talking makeup, show off the red lipstick, but never your foundation.
  • Actually, “showing off” itself is a don’t!
  • Being confident in your own skin can never be faked…
  • However, that favourite scent or pair of heels can enhance it!
  • Long and fast-paced walks! 


  • Modern and educated, she knows what’s “hot” and the latest trends in design
  • Eco-friendly and advocating the importance of it
  • Rides her bike everywhere
  • She rocks her natural beauty somewhat à la parisienne, but with more pastels…. and bikerides!
  • Not to say she stays away from colors and prints – when they’re worn, it’s go big or go home! 


  • Bold with a vintage edge!
  • Sporty details and bright colors
  • Messy hair, don’t care – style is an attitude, after all!
  • Recycling your grandmother’s oversized reading glasses or get a modern look-alike
  • When dressing girly – it’s French labels with maximized glamour…
  • … since “overdressed” does not exist! 


  • With unlimited bold and raw fierceness, you could almost think that bright orange hair color is natural!
  • Flawless skin. The definition of flawless skin!
  • Immaculate outfits, no matter the style or genre
  • Outside-the-box thinking is a must: these oversized labels can be worn as earrings
  • Outside the box accessories part 2: match your contacts to your red jacket…
  • And top it off with a fashionable breathing mask!

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