My love for fashion – and writing –  has always been there with me, even when I despised dressing girly and shopping as a child. It must have been my mother’s influence, but there is an expiration date when “blaming” your parents. Even though I had other interests and my first career considerations had always been in different directions, fashion is one topic I cannot stop talking about til this day. I just don’t run out of topics.

Once upon a tab

Fashion Blogging. Where do I even begin? I was 13 and someone from my broader connections’ circle had posted a picture of an Asian girl wearing flats, a striped shirt, jean shorts and most importantly: a black Chanel Classic Flap. It was on one of those pre-Facebook social networks and my earliest memory of an OOTD picture. A few months later, I was watching Fashion TV, when the story of the then pre-teen Tavi Gevinson was broadcasted, you know, your everyday typical girl next door: front row seated at Paris Fashion Week, posing next to Karl Lagerfeld, rocking a purple grandma haircut with outfits and accessories only she could look fabulous in – and she did.

Outfits are more than costumes – they’re stories

In my early teenage years, I was constantly reinventing my style as much or as little as my budget allowed me. Then, Gossip Girl Costume Stylist Eric Daman said what has defined my fashion sense ever since.

Every occasion is a dress up occasion.

I would overthink and plan my outfits, focusing on the details, even when it didn’t look all so editorial. To me, outfits are more than costumes or what you throw on when you go out – they’re stories, statements or even armors. By the way, blogging OOTD’s has nothing to do with having a tech-savvy boyfriend or personal photographer: Lydia Elise Millen took her first photos on her own with the help of a tripod. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

In my high school years, I was far too self-conscious and insecure to post my own outfits online, so I browsed endless fashion blogs, shows and online magazines.

Enter my first DSLR and a proper domain

A few years later, I finally had enough confidence and faith in my personal style to start fashion blogging. However, I first started with a beauty Youtube channel. Maybe I’ll go back to it one day, who knows. This brought me to the decision to get my first DSLR camera. I was ready to save up until summer and eat potato peels to buy a brand new model but then I found a pre-used Nikon online that I have loved and cherished ever since and that actually cost a third of the initial price I was willing to save up. Not that it was cheap and buying online from someone else has its risks – luckily I made sure I was as safe and prudent as I could have been and had good friends to help me along. Honestly, I could write a whole long post about all tech supplies related topics.

A few months later, I also purchased a domain and got it installed with the help of friends studying IT – they actually do come in handy. Not to mention the perks such as helping me with HTML topics, web design questions and all they wanted in return was a cappuccino – talk about a bargain!

The birth of Runway Rhymes

As much as I love creating original content, I have always felt that blogging is about more than posting what I wore on a certain day. The universe of fashion, runway shows, street style, haute couture documentaries and fashion design as a form of art is what sets my heart on fire. I felt I needed to express my own opinion or mirror view to what was going on in the fashion world as a whole – which is when I created Runway Rhymes, an Instagram account mostly based on reposts or collages, in the midst of watching New York Fashion Week shows online. Since the blog itself is so young, I don’t really know which way it’s headed, whether it will be about fashion critique or more about broadcasting what’s going on or what matters to me,  just go with the flow eh!

The universe of fashion documentaries

Fashion documentaries – another topic I could go on about for hours and that is so important to me.

It is a thrill to be able to go backstage with the designers to see how much work actually goes into creating a collection, even though we’re merely seeing the tip of the iceberg, which is already larger than life. I can only imagine what is happening in reality, which honestly sounds breathtakingly exciting. Seeing even such a small fragment makes you realize how much works goes into the creation of fabric or one dress and how it truly is a form of art. How designers’ minds work, how they collaborate with other artists etc. I could go on about this topic for hours.


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. I could go on and on about the universe of fashion, but this post in particular is already long enough.


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