I’ve been thinking a lot about accessories in the past couple of weeks. Lately, it’s all about statement and emotional pieces for me. While I don’t really believe that being fond of “things” is a sole source of happiness in the long term, there are those couple statement items – that ring, those little pearls, that carry a story associated with them, a memory adding value every time I put them on. In that sense, I definitely have been carrying the less is more statement. There are those chunky statement earrings I like to wear on more outgoing days, but mostly it’s a ring, sometimes earrings and… perfume. I could leave the house without my favourite earrings or scarf, but not without my favourite scent – that would, in my opinion, be a missing statement.

Perfume – because it’s personal

From the way the fragrance mixes with one’s natural scent in a completely different way it would with someone else to personal preferences: the reasons behind why and how people select their perfume vary as well. There are those for whom it’s a trend, who try new scents seasonally and like to switch things up, always on the hunt. For many, it’s a staple accessory, a key defining note to accent your presence and make a statement and they hardly change their signature scent. I’m in category two.

Day and Night

My daily fragrance carries my signature, yet I can wear it with everything, from accentuating a simple blue jeans, v-neck tee and white converse low-tops outfit to vamping up a cocktail dress and red lips for a spontaneous outing. Leather jacket or trench coat, this scent is versatile, seamlessly transitioning from day to night when necessary. Sidenote: I managed to lose the bottle cap when carrying it around.
BodyShop fragrances have often found their way on my shelf and this one I’ve actually been wearing for the past two or three years. It’s perfume oil, so therefore it needs less application and lasts longer, definitely carrying more intensity. It’s spicy and mysterious, just the way I like it. As much as I love my daytime scent, I do need another for those special occasions, for extra sparks or so.

Night fragrance stories

About five years ago, I found a Dior fragrance from their Poison series that would become a statement for countless memories and nights to come. Once, we were on the second floor of a local bar, and my friend who joined us later, found us because she actually followed my scent! It was a rather strong one, so even when I put on little, it was enough. And then, when I found out they had discontinued just that one scent from the series that was mine – oh the heartbreak! I even wrote the Dior Perfume department enquiring about it, unfortunately, nothing could have been done. For months, I was on the hunt for a new nocturnal one. That was when I was gifted this amazing BVLGARI perfume – it was love at first scent! My problem is solved and I’m in anticipation for many nights and events to come.

Personal Preferences

I’m not going to lie – finding a new scent is hard as ever for me. Most of the scents are very floral, sweet and flirty – even with different branding that claimed to be spicier or more on the edge, I often found it still wasn’t enough, or at least it felt too girly or too woody for my taste once it settled on my skin. I do like fresher scents, but still – the x-factor was missing! I have literally considered trying men’s perfumes or mixing up my own scent with oils and what not, luckily, I have managed to find a more than suitable scent to fix the problem, as seen on the pictures – pheeh!

So how do you find your scent then?

Find your aesthetic! Be inspired, scroll endless galleries on Instagram or in real life, listen to music, watch fashion shows or go hiking – whatever drives your sensibility. Then let your intuition guide you. Different perfumes have so many different undernotes and as I mentioned before, you never know how a perfume is going to mix with your natural scent. Even when trying on the same fragrance with your best friend, the result is completely different in a couple hours time.
An example on inspiration? Lately I’ve been watching a lot of Alexander McQueen shows and a few documentaries – you can read about them on The List – and a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon his biography “Vogue on Alexander McQueen” at the bookstore by accident. His story is illustrated with editorials featuring women portraying a theatrical, ethereal sense of femininity with a fearless rough leather like edge. Inspired? Check!


Go out there, get inspired and find your perfume – good luck!


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