Even though I’ve trained myself to thoroughly use up one item until the last drop before switching things up, I’m always excited about trying out new products. Some of the content on my skincare shelf has changed and I want to share my favourite products and new discoveries with you all.
Sidenote: my skin type is dry-sensitive, therefore I am always on the lookout for gentle and moisturising finds. I’ve even managed to find a few good exfoliators over the years.


When it comes to makeup removal, I’ve always shuffled between washes and micellar water. I’ve never had much faith in wipes, I don’t think they do the job properly and there is always residue left behind, not to mention I often find them irritating. However – if you’ve found some game-changing makeup remover wipes, do let me know!


I recently discovered castor oil for removing eye makeup, waterproof mascara or long-lasting lipstick. Castor oil also nourishes your lashes and lips and is very inexpensive – I found mine at the local supermarket for three euros about six months ago and have loved it ever since, carrying it everywhere with me, which is why the packaging looks a little “faded”. I gently rub my eyes and lips with the oil and then use a cotton pad to softly remove the residue before moving on to the rest of my face.



My answer: both! For those days when I’ve worn a lot of makeup, I go with the wash first –  I feel it removes everything in one go without making a mess, lovely! This little bottle of L’Oréal Rare Flowers Gel-Cream Wash has been a holy-grail product of mine and has lasted for six months. Finally a wash that’s efficient and smooth at the same time. This one’s a keeper!

I then move over to the L’Oréal micellar water to make sure everything around my forehead and neckline is all cleared out, while it also refreshes my face. For more bare faced days, I just go with the oil and micellar water.


Lately Ive been using micellar water instead of toner. Refreshing and fabulous – easy does it!


For us sensitive skin gals, exfoliating is something that should be done gently. This year, I’ve re-discovered this Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub by Neutrogena – it’s tender and refreshing. I do feel like it’s better for those with super-sensitive skin who are extra careful. I use it every two or three days.


Need I even mention the necessity? After long months of winter and heavy moisturiser – the Nivea’s blue round-packaged classic is a lifesaver in the case of cold, limited daylight and a limited budget, it was finally time for spring and with an empty package on my shelf, I headed to the drugstore to try out the new L’Oréal Hydra Genius moisturiser with Aloe Water. One pump is all I need, okay, sometimes two, if I’ve taken off a lot of makeup –  a little goes a long way. It’s refreshing and perfect for warmer months, since it’s not heavy at all. The packaging looks really pretty but is rather heavy, I do hope they come up with travel sizes soon!


When it comes to face masks, I always like to try new things, since I mostly go for one use products. I recently tried the Joik Chocolate Facial Mask, which I really loved! However, I would use it once every three weeks or so since it is tightening. All the while, I pick up moisturising sheet masks every week in my local drugstore, mostly the ones by Garnier.


Have you tried these products and what are your favourites?

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