Denim on Denim – A Style Staple or Just Another Trend?



Denim on denim – one of the most controversial trends that has gone from hatred to hype in the past years. Do we remember the denim twinning outfits Britney and Justin wore back in 2002 or something, with the cowboy hat and tinted glasses? Then again, are any trends these days not controversial or once totally cool then uncool, from the dad sneaker to logo prints? Is this maybe just the natural cycle of trends? In the case of double denim, we’ve gone from the assertive “no” passing “if you’re gonna wear it, at least mix different shades and fabrics” to now  – the more the fabrics match, the better. I remember my first denim jacket like it was yesterday – my parents gifted it to me at age seven. This was one of the it-items in any superstar’s wardrobe back then, when trends didn’t change every week or so. It was a pale shade of blue and I wore it with pretty much anything. Those were the early 2000s.

After that, there were a few others – not as memorable, as there isn’t much documentation of my middle school fashion diaries. A little something none the less. Then, it was years and years before I finally bought this jacket on a hot afternoon in late-summer Paris. When my leather jacket provided shelter in the cooler metro stations, it was quite another temperature outside: too cold for only the strappy maxi-dress, too hot with the black leather on top of it. And before you judge – there never needs to be an excuse for shopping if you truly love the item and it fits in your closet just right, budget-wise and all. Yes, we are fashion lovers and enthusiasts here, not victims, oh-kay?

Denim jacket – Zara, Jeans – Reserved, Shirt – H&M, Boots – Angelo Carutti, Sunglasses – ASOS

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