Animal Prints – A Style Staple or Just Another Trend?




Fall has kind of arrived here in Brittany. While I often go to a morning class draped in safety blanket layers in the crisp nine degree weather, I come back in the afternoon in 22 degree heat. Yes, that is heat for me. So all the extra layers I wore in the morning are tucked in my favourite tote bag that can fit pretty much everything.

The top that you see me wearing is actually a dress, however I feel it’s a little too short for my height. If I were to sit in one place all day and not move a muscle – sure. I don’t know about you, but I like clothes that give me the freedom of movement in addition to style. In the past four years or so, leopard print has seen a ever-growing comeback. And now, more animal prints have mixed in with the bunch. I got a headband to compliment it in a slightly different print.

With trend cycles moving faster and faster, one can only wonder whether the actually not so recent comeback of the animal print should be considered a style staple or just another trend? With the possibility to follow different hashtags on Instagram, it is truly enriching to see how different people interpret the same trend. To me, it’s all about the personality. You could put on the same outfit on two girls of the same height and weight and guess what? It would still look different. That’s what I love about style and fashion blogging – you see such a wide variety of staples interpreted through the lens of different personalities.

Dress worn as top – H&M, skirt – Morgan, headband – New Look, bag – Ralph Lauren, tights – H&M, boots – Angelo Carutti

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