Nice to meet you!

Writing, fashion, photography and all intertwining in between have always been strong pillars in the “what makes my heart beat faster and my eyes sparkle” list. During my free time, I binge-watch fashion documentaries – you can find my list of favourites here. I also scroll through endless shows and fashion magazines, editorials, blogs and stories, written or visual. Every occasion is a dress up occasion.

I have always been attracted to foreign languages but I quickly discovered that this is not enough, there has to be more included in the bigger picture: marketing, project or event management – you name it! I am currently pursuing a Master’s in International Project Management in France. My ultimate outlet is to combine all mentioned above into one seamless and multifaceted never-ending project.

This is my creative outlet, my corner of the Internet, my space to breathe in, out and release it all, sharing my thoughts and vision with you all. xx

Eeva, 23, from Tallinn, Estonia


Instagram @eevaaleksejev